About Us

S3 Tradecom Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the biggest distributors in Gujarat
With a strong dealer network and a highly stream-lined operation system we have established ourselves in the business of serving our dealer withthe best products and making them reach to them in the best possible time at the best prices

Director’s Vision

We, “S3 Tradecom Pvt. Ltd.” wants to establish ourselves as one of the distributors with most organised and advanced set of operations for our products.

Our mission is to toil, to dig deep into understanding of the consumer and provide them with their wants through proper channel, in proper time at and at a proper price.With the digitization making its grounds in our country.

we too wish to have a entirely automated system which eventually will bring ease to our work and a satisfaction to the dealers, channel partners and customers dealing with us. We have team of enthusiasts teaming with experience.

With our achievements in the very year of our inception, we have given more hopes to ourselves then to our clients and we will work hard to keep it in tact. We wish, we crave and we work to provide a better and difference in distribution.

We deal with dfifference | Since August 2015


Experienced Professionals Team


Head office area (sq.ft)


Dealers Across Gujarat


Warehouse facility (Sq.ft)


1500 sq.ft of Head office area to handle the entire business operations across Gujarat. Warehouse facility of 6700 sq. ft at Ahmedabad.

Meet Our Team Members

We are a team of 25 + experienced professionals spread across Gujarat state for handling business regionally.
Each region is specially devoted and handled by a senior branch manager with area sales manager working under him for day to day operations.
Backend support team handles administration and accounting from head office situated at Ahmedabad.

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